Closed System Water Treatment

Industrial Water Management provide a full range of chemical treatments for LPHW / MPHW water systems. Whether your metallic construction is aluminium, steel or stainless steel we can match the chemical specifications of the boiler manufacturer. We have a full range of pH neutral inhibitors as well as the traditional alkaline inhibitors.

We treat Chill systems in a similar manner with the addition of low foaming biocides to keep potential SRB’s & NRB’s in check. All our chemicals are safe to use with Glycol.

We offer a full recovery procedure to recover neglected dirty or cloudy systems where Glycol has been added. Environmental disposal charges make removing the water and glycol expensive. With our ‘Filter Feeder’ System glycol is retained in the circuit and only particulate debris being removed. Once clear we use a specialised oxidising system to remove dissolved iron. Specialist Inhibitors are then added to maintain the system in a stable state.

IWM can retrofit control equipment and water meters. This is to verify optimum specifications are met always and detect if your system is losing water, topping up and diluting the treatment.