Dosing & Control Equipment

Plant & Equipment

Industrial Water Management Ltd provide a comprehensive range of equipment to ensure the water treatment chemicals are dosed efficiently – in the correct strength to the correct location. This is a vital part of protecting your site assets and need to be precise if effective water treatment is to be achieved. The IWM engineers have considerable experience in the selection of the correct dosing equipment for your application

Pre-treatment Equipment:

Pre-treatment of water destined for a specific role in industry is an important aspect of Water Treatment Programming. Whether it is the removal of calcium, iron or buffering the water toa specific alkalinity IWM can provide the correct equipment to ensure the water to service is conditioned correctly for the task performed.

We provide a wide range of pre-treatment equipment such as:

  • Ion Exchange Softener – Simplex / Duplex.
  • Iron Removal Units
  • UV Units
  • Filters – spiral / woven. (including housings)
  • Turbidity Filtration
  • Carbon Filters
  • RO Systems – bespoke.

Each application is bespoke for the local conditions.

Chemical Dosing Equipment:

Getting the chemical treatment to the location and in the correct strength to where it will benefit the longevity of the of the asset is basic to the water treatment programme. This is achieved by using a combination of correctly sized chemical dosing pumps, measurement of water used, harvesting available electronic signals and other indicators to measure the required dose of treatment to the system as it is required. Under dosing negates the benefits of water treatment, while overdosing can have environmental issues. Incorrect tubing (for the chemical being transferred) can have serious safety issues over time. Chemical Storage on site, is a basic which needs to be delivered in a safe manner – minimising handling and risks of spillage.

By Choosing Industrial Water Management as your water treatment provider you can be assured of a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team specifying a safe and effective programme for your application. Only after detailed consultation with the site and application will be make a considered proposal for your water treatment programme.

Industrial Water Management can deliver:

Chemical Dosing Pumps

  • We can supply the best pumps for your application and budget
  • Extensive range of manufacturers.

Chemical Storage Tanks and Bunds

  • 50lt – 1000lt capacity
  • Bespoke constructions
  • Bunded Pail Storage

Chemical Tubing

  • Correct Quality for the chemical being transferred
  • Double walled for additional safety.
  • Imperial and metric diameter.

Metering of Liquids

  • Pulsing Head Water Meters (Flanged & Threaded)
  • Strap on Ultrasonic Flow Meters (Ease of installation

Bespoke site specific storage

  • Construct to local requirements
  • Overcome site limitations
  • IP 65 Chemical Resistant Enclosures

Control Equipment:
Industrial Water Management provide a range of controllers for the application being treated. We can ensure the chemical treatments are dosed efficiently. All controllers have alarm our relays to alert customers to non-conformances. We can supply all the commonly available commodity controllers, IWM also designs and builds our own controllers to match exactly the customer requirements.

After extensive consultation with the customer we build a unit to satisfy customer needs exactly. We have the ability to harvest any available signals/ information and convert this to outputs to treat your application. All our controllers carry CE mark ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

We have controllers for:

  • Steam Boilers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Closed Loops
  • Secondary treatment of buildings
  • Chlorine Dosing
  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing
  • Copper Silver ionisation
  • Tank level monitoring

A major part of controlling the chemical treatments is to ensure customer is compliant with internal and national regulations governing the treatment of water. Part of this is the management of the data generated from the controllers and determining alarms are reported to the person / location in best position to correct the non-conformance.

We can report to factory management systems; to on duty mobile phones by text; report via email or to password protected web based portals. The configuration for reporting is vast and can be tailored to the customer requirements. We maintain cloud based portals to manage the reporting of water conditions especially in the control of Legionellosis and legislation surrounding this. This keeps the customer compliant, with management of the data being maintained by IWM.

Please contact Industrial Water Management for a consultation on your dosing and control requirements. We are confident we can provide a solution to meet your expectations, ensuring you are meeting the highest safety and compliance standards in the relation to the dosing and control of chemical products.