Water Hygiene

Industrial Water Management provides a full range of environmental services and products that will assist in the prevention and control of legionella and other waterborne bacteria as well as ensuring full compliance with the relevant guidelines and legislation. These services are detailed below and ensure that our clients can be safe in the knowledge that they are fully compliant with all the relevant guidelines and environmental standards.

Legionella Risk Assessments

IWM can provide for legionella risk assessments which are a legal requirement as per the Health & Safety Act 2005. These are carried out by fully qualified Environmental Consultants and cover all areas of water services on site including, Cooling Towers, CWSTs, Calorifers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Showers and any other services. These cover a wide range of sites including Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Domestic. All IWM risk assessments come complete with schematics and are issued in Draft form with a consultation meeting as standard prior to issuing of final report

Clean and Disinfection Services

IWM has fully trained and competent Environmental Service teams which operate throughout Ireland. All forms of clean and disinfection services including Cooling Towers, CWSTs, Calorifiers, On Line Disinfections and Ring Mains Disinfections are carried out in line with current best practice and procedures and to the highest standard of service and professionalism.

Water Sampling & Analysis

All IWM Engineers and Consultants are fully trained and certified in correct procedures and methods of taking, transporting and tracking water samples. This also includes the correct use of PPE and adhering to the water sampling guidelines to eliminate any risk of cross contamination and to ensure that the sample results that come back are an accurate reflection of the sample taken. Analysis of these is carried out by fully trained and competent staff who have many years’ experience in the water treatment industry. All results are sent with a full explanation of the findings and required actions, if applicable, sent over with the results which have being analysed in a full independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

TMV Servicing

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) are in use throughout water systems as anti-scald devices where there are perceived to be susceptible people present. Due to this and the temperatures that they operate at, these are viewed as potentially assisting in the growth of waterborne bacteria, with particular reference to Legionella. IWM have fully qualified and certified plumbers that can carry out the TMV servicing as part of any legionella control scheme. TMV servicing includes a full range of service and checks including, fail safe verification, filter and strainer cleaning and sterilization, temperature settings of both the thermostat and incoming hot and cold water supplies. IWM issue full certification and Method Statements as standard for these works.

Legionella Control & Monitoring

IWM is a member of the LCA as well being on the HSE Framework for Planned Preventative Maintenance (Lot 2) for Legionella Control. As part of this, IWM field staff are fully trained and competent in a wide range of legionella control services such as: Temperature monitoring, shower head disinfections, sampling, CWST and Calorifier inspections. All actions are recorded and reported on using either our Electronic Logbook system or in the hard copy logbook left on site and updated during each IWM engineer visit. IWM Engineers are capable of providing logical conclusions to positive results and ensuring that any non-conformities are recorded along with the recommended remedial actions required to remedy same.

Remedial Works

IWM has a team of fully qualified and certified plumbers who are capable of carrying out a wide range of remedial actions identified in risk assessments or as a result of recommendations from the service visits. These range from replacing of flexible hose connections with solid copper lengths, CWST and Calorifer remedial works, removal of dead legs, pipe work insulation and labelling, installation/replacement of Point-Of-Use Water Heaters along with any other actions recommended or required.

Shower Head Clean and Disinfection

As part of any legionella control scheme, shower head clean and disinfections are a paramount factor in trying to minimize the transfer of legionella from water source to host. IWM is fully aware of the importance of this and all staff are fully trained in the methodology of cleaning and disinfection of shower heads, use of relevant PPE both on site and in IWM workshop. IWM has its own shower head clean and disinfection rig that allows us to safely clean and disinfect shower heads taken from various sites before being sent back for use. All showers are disinfected for at least 1 hour at 50ppm of Sodium Hypochlorite, cleaned and de-scaled where applicable, flushed through thoroughly with clean fresh water, dried and then sealed in clear plastic bags for re-distribution.